VENUE:  Thandeka Stables
DATE: 15 August (if sufficient numbers then Sunday 16 August will be added)
COST: R250 per Rider
BOOKING FORM: To be completed and submitted

Classes will be split into 70/80 and 90/1m
Skinny to skinny lines
Offset lines
Water jump practise

9 to 10-30am: the 70 to 80cm group

10-30 to 12 am: the 90-1m group

1 to 2-30 the: second 70-80cm group

2-30 to 4pm: second 90/1m group

Booking form – Thandeka-training-day

Ostrich Farm Eventing- Qualifying Results Forms


All those competitors competing in the 90cm, 1m and 1* Classes at Ostrich Farm eventing are kindly asked to complete a qualifying results form and submit it to

Another reminder about our fabulous sponsorship opportunities, R1500 which includes sponsorship of a cross country jump, lunch for two people in the sponsors tent, a bottle of wine and a horse box parking in our sponsors parking area.

We also have a priority parking section for horse boxes for R500, but space is limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

Contact Nicole at or Amy Baines at for more details



Herewith the Press Release from the Meeting that took place on the 24 July.

Please take the time to read this release

Thank you

PressRelease_SASCOC_Meeting 24 July 2015


WC PR Eventing team 2015

Team Managers Report – Amy Vergunst

We arrived at The Royal Show Grounds in Pietermaritzburg for the 2015 Pony Rider Champs to fabulous weather and an even more fabulous welcome!! The ponies all travelled well and everyone was very excited to get the competition underway, with eventing being the first discipline of the show. This year our 90cm team consisted of Kavalier and Elsie Sholto-Douglas, Tatooine Treasure and Mikaela Bos, Little White Lie and Robyn Salter, Tatooine Legacy and Kimberly Cunningham and Fortune Cookie with Zoe Holbrow as reserve.

We got to do out first course walk at the amazing Dolceod Stud and upon arrival realized that fitness would become a major factor in this years cross country course, if the hills were anything to go by. We were all feeling rather out of breath after the first walk 😀

Dressage day dawned and went just the way we had hoped, with all the girls and ponies producing some amazing tests!! Little White Lie decided that even though he was an eventing pony, blue flowers at the entrance to the arena were just not supposed to be there! However, as soon as they were inside the arena Robs showed her BMT and had a lovely test. Legacy, Treasure and Kavalier lying 1st, 2nd and 5th, with WC leading after the dressage, the pressure was on!!

Onto cross country day and loading ponies at 7am with a temperature on 1 degree!! Everyone arrived at the eventing venue safely and after the sun rose we were ready to go. After a sticky start with the 80cm course proving to be just as tough as we expected, the girls knew they were going to have to really ride strong. Well, there was nothing else needed, after Zoe and Fortune Cookie leading the way with a fabulous clear, the other 4 team members followed suit, all clear with no time penalties. Our lead remained and we now had all four team ponies in the top 5.

After a short break we moved up the hill to the showjumping. The course was great but had a few tricky turns and a very short combination which caused their fair share of problems. Zoe and Robyn both had lovely clears, followed by the combination lying in 4th having two fences and dropping them down the order. Elsie clear, Mikaela clear and by this stage I had become very talented at high jump from a standstill! After a rather scary moment at jump number 2, Kim and Legs went on to jump a beautiful clear round making them the 2015 PR South African Eventing Champions, with Milaela second, Elsie third, Robyn fourth and Zoe 6th. 1, 2, 3, 4, doesn’t get much better than that!! The WC PR Eventing team remained South African Eventing Team Champions! A rather delighted Team Manager to say the least.

From my side I would like to say a huge huge thank you to everyone involved in the running of this show. Everyone I worked with were fantastic and made my life very easy. To the parents, grooms and supporters, you were all so wonderful and supportive, well done to you all. Then finally to the girls, Elsie, Mikaela, Robyn, Kim and Zoe, it was a privilege to be associated with you. Your smiles did not leave your faces once, your constant support for eachother and everyone around you was amazing and you all rode like absolute stars. Congratulations again to every one of you, I hope to experience and hear of many more year like this one in the future!!!

2015 Pony Riders


Its been 10 weeks since the last event so we are sure everyone is chomping at the bit to get their horses round a Cross Country track again and Ostrich Farm is THE EVENT to kick start your Eventing season again !!

The Technical Delegate has been out to inspect the tracks and is VERY impressed with all the tracks and the brand new 1* track – Did we mention there is a NEW WATER COMPLEX!!

Events are very expensive to run and the Ostrich Farm is not linked to a Club directly and is run as an independant event each year and the Cape Town Polo Club very kindly allow us to use their facilities.

Ostrich Farm does have a wish list and if you can assist in anyway or know of something that might help the Event, NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL – please do contact them !!

(Amy Baines – or 0722121585 or Nicole Wolman –

If you sponsor anything to the value of R1500 or above you receive 2 tickets for the sponsors tent for the Sunday which includes a gourmet lunch and wine AND the first 10 to sign up will also receive a slot in the VIP Parking area.

Items we need sponsored or contacts that can provide us with better prices than we have been quoted so far.

Toilets x 6 green porta potty’s – R5070 (2015 quote)
Bedouin tent/ marquee – R5423 (quote from 2014 )
Catering for dressage judges, scribes and scorers –R1000
Catering for cross country jump judges and helpers –R1000
Catering for ground staff –R600
Catering for show jumping officials –R300
Catering for Saturdays officials (TD, cross country judge)- R300
Onion tape x 2250m –R957
Metal droppers x 120pcs @ 1200mm plus long
P.A system –R5200 (2015 quote)
Ambulance (x2) – R6442.43 (2015 quote)
Paramedic – R1200
Dressage judges thank you gifts – SPONSORED BY PAUELTTE DOO
Thank you gifts –R1000
Cost of TD and cross country judge – R2150
Dressage judges – R1600
Showjumping builder- R1500
Showjumping judges – R900
Prize money for ungraded classes (70cm)
Sponsor a cross country jump starting at R1000